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Why Having a Day-of Coordinator Is Vital: The Responsibilities of a Wedding Coordinator

Let’s paint a picture – it’s just two months before your wedding. You’ve found all your vendors, created the perfect design, you have one more fitting for your dress, everything is ready to go. And yet, you are losing sleep every night with racing thoughts – “Have I forgotten anything?” “What if the photographer forgets to get photos of the groom?” “What if my DJ is running late?” “Did I order a big enough cake?” “I hope I don’t forget the card box.” The intrusive thoughts are endless. And – what if I told you, there’s a way to make all that go away. Introducing the most important vendor on your wedding day: your coordinator.

Day-of coordinators, or event managers, are often overlooked or forgotten when planning a wedding. But let me tell you, they are essential. Coordinators make everything easier for you, your guests, and your vendors. In fact, most venues and vendors require that you hire a coordinator for this exact reason. We all want to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible, AND (more importantly) we want to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. So please, please, I beg of you, do not skip this expense. Even if your venue doesn’t require it. Don’t skip this!

I don’t care if you are the most organized, efficient bride there is. You do not want to be playing the role of a coordinator on your wedding day. Nor do you want anyone in your family to be doing it. When hiring your coordinator, you want it to be someone that you can trust. Someone that is a professional. Someone that knows what they’re doing.

And so, you may be asking… what does a coordinator even do?? Well, my dear friend, let me tell you.

Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities Before your Wedding:

Your wedding coordinator has responsibilities to fulfill way before the wedding even happens! Coordinators usually start meeting with you between 30 and 60 days before your wedding day. In these meetings, you will discuss the fine details of your wedding day from timelines, vendor management, pictures you want taken, songs you want played, etc. Below is a quick list of what you should expect your coordinator to do before your wedding day:

  • Run through a final checklist of your wedding day with you including ceremony music, reception music preferences, all the photography shots you want, vendor gratuities, your marriage license, final guest count, seating chart, and personal items.

  • Create a DETAILED timeline of your wedding day including when the venue opens, when vendors arrive, and when each event within your wedding will happen down to the minute.

  • A summary binder of all the details including floor plan, event design, rentals, vendor orders & invoices, contracts, parking information, and VIP contact information.

  • Share the timeline and event details with all your vendors so everyone is on the same page.

  • Share an abbreviated timeline to the wedding party and your VIPs so they know where to be and when.

  • Curate a wedding day emergency kit

  • Collect any DIY or personally purchased items or décor to be set up at the venue

  • Run the rehearsal

Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities on Your Wedding Day:

Your coordinator will show up (usually with an assistant) the moment the venue opens to bring your months (or years) of planning to life. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax knowing that your wedding is in good hands. Here’s what to expect from a professional:

  • Bring a wedding day emergency kit.

  • Bring an assistant that knows all the wedding day details.

  • Confirmation of arrival and set up for all vendors.

  • Oversee event design set up including with rentals, venue, and florists.

  • Keep your hair/makeup team on schedule.

  • Ensure the bridal party has plenty of food and water throughout the day.

  • Invite the photographer into the venue and get them started on detail shots.

  • Distribute and help pin bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

  • Ensure the wedding party is dressed and ready to go on time.

  • Facilitate transportation pick up and drop offs.

  • VIP arrival to the venue, ensuring to maximize photos before the ceremony.

  • Line up your wedding party for processional into ceremony

  • Close and then open the doors for bridal processional into ceremony.

  • Ensure marriage license is signed, sealed, and safely put away.

  • Ensure cocktail hour set up while ceremony is underway.

  • Facilitate family photos.

  • Help bustle dress or facilitate wardrobe change.

  • Running the timing of the reception:

    • Introductions

    • Toasts and speeches

    • Meal blessings

    • First dance

    • Parent dances

    • Cake cutting

    • Special announcements

    • Dance party

    • Final dance

    • Couple send-off

  • Resolve issues as they arrive. And they will – we just don’t tell the bride!

  • Distribute final payments and tips to vendors.

  • Help load up gifts.

  • Ensure clean up of venue including personal items removed from suites.

If there is any detail or nuance to your wedding day that will make it extra special, be sure to tell your coordinator. Any professional will be sure to highlight those details and ensure your wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

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