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Stunning Artificial Flowers to Enhance Your Dream Wedding Décor

Updated: Jan 9

Artificial flowers have become increasingly popular for brides as fresh florals have become more expensive. The wedding industry is booming, and that means you may be shelling out a bigger chunk of change for your special day. When it comes to deciding where to splurge and where to save, I always advocate that couples think about what is most important to them. If you have always dreamed of having a wedding filled with fresh, aromatic roses and peonies, maybe don't read this article! Instead, try saving money in other areas that don't feel as important to you.

But if having fresh flowers isn't something that is so important to you, maybe consider faux flowers to save a little money. These florals are made to last and you can easily save them as a keepsake, or sell them second hand. And, on that note, if you aren't too particular about the color you are looking for, you can likely find these second hand for yourself on Facebook groups or marketplace!

Below I'll share some ideas on where you can find the best flower that will add to your décor (and that don't look cheap!) Spoiler - silk flowers are out, and wood flowers are in! Note: None of these are paid advertisements. They are all my unbiased recommendations based on experience!

Florist designing a wedding bouquet

Ling's Moment Artificial Flowers

If you have already been browsing for artificial flowers, you have likely come across Ling's Moment. This site is great because there are tons of color combinations to choose from, and they look so elegant that guests won't even be able to tell they are fake! The petals are made of a thin foam material that looks realistic even when you look at it closely. They launch new colors consistently, and you can even gain inspiration from various articles on their website.

This option may seem a little pricey to some, but they are still significantly less expensive than real florals! If you want to save a little extra, consider trying the DIY option where you arrange the bouquets and arrangements on your own.

Sola Wood Artificial Flowers

The industry is really getting creative about the material that flowers are being made of. Sola Wood Flowers are created using tapioca plant root (or cassava, or arrowroot, it's all the same!) So while it is not exactly wood, it kind of feels and looks like it after it is processed and made to create your wedding florals!

These don't look quite as realistic in my opinion, but they are still a great option, especially if you are looking to do bold colors! Similar to Ling's, you can choose to do a DIY or purchase your floral arrangements already assembled. I will warn you that the DIY process for these are much more complex than you may expect. It involves purchasing the flower tops without color, then using a dip dye to stain them, and then you have to adhere them to the stem. So if you do plan to take the DIY route on this one, maybe make it a craft night with some friends and a couple bottles of wine!

Also heads up - Sola Wood Flowers is currently having a huge sale of up to 70% off!


Calling all boho and rustic brides! These flowers aren't actually fake, but I'd argue they still fit into this category. Idlewild creates stunning bouquets of dried florals. From creamy neutrals to bold jewel tones, they certainly have a lot to offer. This may not be a fit for you if you are looking for roses or other full bloom flowers, but it is a great option if you like the wild flower look!

I love this company because it has a great personal, customized touch. When you order them online, all you have to do is choose your size (bridal, bridesmaid, swag, etc.) and then share a note about what you are looking for. From there, they will reach out to you and share pictures of what they come up with! After seeing pictures, you have the chance to ask for some adjustments if you'd like.

arrangement of dried flowers


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